Ascending the Levels of Enlightenment

Ascending the Levels of Enlightenment

TheBOOK Intro

Albert Einstein said, “A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive & move toward higher levels.” Einstein could not figure out what that new type of thinking was & even offered a large cash prize to anyone who could explain it to him.


Regarding our survival – our calibrations & calculations indicate that 85% of the world’s population are more destructive than constructive. We can’t go on like this. Plus it is not fun like this.

In TheBOOK we show you how to get your Self Enlightened. This will not only allow us to SURVIVE – it will also allow us to THRIVE!

In TheBOOK we have charts comparing the New Enlightenment Worldview to the OLD Materialistic Worldview. We describe what is necessary to ascend each of the Levels-of-Consciousness to move more towards Enlightenment. This is a kind of Map-to-Enlightenment so you can clearly see where you started, where you are & what is next.
We want to tell you up-front that TheBOOK is not finished & never will be finished. It’s a living book, it will evolve. That’s why – when you sign-up get TheBOOK – you get a lifetime subscription to it. This means when new editions become available they will be made available for download for free, but you can make a donation! As we evolve we will post significant additions in the New-Content-Tab under Samples. This book has been growing at a great rate. With your help we expect to see it evolve even faster.​​

This book will become as big as it needs to be to cover all the many aspects of the Enlightenment-Process. During this process (which usually takes 2 to 3 years) we expect & hope it will become your best fried. The presence of over 200 videos gives it a certain aliveness not found in other material. With the videos you can sit – face to face – with Enlightened Masters who never tire of repeating themselves.

We give lots of samples of content from TheBOOK so you can see how it works & how it feels. We hope you will join us in Enlightenment!

We also ask you for your help co-creating this book to be THE most POWERFUL Enlightenment Engine in the world. If you see a part of TheBOOK that you can make better please contact us & tell us what you would like to contribute…

#1: The MATRIX has you ~ Want Out? 6 min
#2: Twenty-First Century Enlightenment 11 min
#3: Steps to Enlightenment 14 min
#4: Message from the Future Life vs Entropy the two Worldviews of TheBOOK 5 min

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