Laura Ansell

Laura Ansell
United Kingdom

Currently writing my first book after my exciting spiritual journey began. I enjoy guiding others down the path of enlightenment and enjoy helping anyone who just wants to be happy. I believe joyfulness is the key to success in life and love brings you everything your heart desires.

This is a wonderful read for those who are wanting to, but not yet able, to tap into their full potential. It is also a mind-blowing opening to others who do not yet know their own power and are looking to expand their horizons.

Looking deep into the move The Matrix, is a fantastic reference and extremely clever. This is totally unique from a spiritual standpoint and will help people understand how their minds work thanks to the work of this Hollywood hit. Using references to the grid system and the true and false premises is extremely clever and a wonderful way for readers to wrap their heads around exactly what is going on in their minds on an everyday basis.

There is plenty of historical quotations and references also, Einstein mainly, which is a beautiful way to guide the audience through as his references are there from start to finish, a little like he is our narrator. This is a friendly touch to the book. The renowned scientist is very appropriately placed throughout the book.

This book has so many fantastic and well-referenced videos to backup all its ideas and to help the audience follow along with the journey of enlightenment. These videos are all very well documented, which is great for those of us who have a creative mind. It allows the reader to have a break from reading, kick up their heels, make a cup of tea and watch exactly what it is that the book has been talking about. It allows the readers to expand their creative side and their visual side, giving the book a larger audience to catch.

I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone looking for the next step in their spiritual journey and especially anyone from a business platform who is looking to expand their creative practices. I would also recommend it to anyone who has not yet started along any spiritual path. This is a delicate tap on the shoulder to anyone who is looking to expand.

This is a unique book and takes the reader through the historical, scientific and generally inspiring journey to guide them into their own power. We are currently at a time of great awakening and I have no doubt that this book will be another to add to all of our collections.

This is THE book for our new age. It is the book that will get our spiritual friends to flock around and to gather thoughts from, before exploring all the other layers and leads that this book hands to them.

There is so much content to this book that it will keep the reader interested throughout and will be amongst the conversations of many lovers including, not just our book lovers, but our video lovers, our historical lovers, and our science-minded lovers. This book is for everyone. I am sure that everyone will be talking about it.