Venkat Kanagasingam (Briani)

Venkat (Briani) Kanagasingam
Petaling Jaya

We live in a competitive society where people tend to be materialistic and I would not want to be like them. This book helped me to shift my perspective on being enlightened and realize that money and cars alone do not make me happy.

After reading TheBOOK, I have started to believe that there was more to life other than chasing our careers and being on top of the playing field at all times. I’m thrilled to continue my journey with more love, inner peace and self-acceptance.

TheBOOK provides proper guidance with its clear and concise contents as well as videos to allow us to achieve enlightenment. Reading this book is one of the ways for us to restore love and faith in humanity.

Let us all step into the world of TheBOOK to make a world a better place.