102 POWER vs. force!

This is another way to look at Einstein’s faulty old Level-of-Thinking vs. the awesome POWER that is available to you with Enlightenment!

This is David Hawkins’ most popular book: POWER Verses Force which does a complete analysis of the whole range of people from the lowest to the highest Levels-of-Consciousness.

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This has been a NY Times Bestseller!  The fine print on the top of the cover is a quote from Wayne Dyer who says this is: Perhaps the most important book I have read in the last ten years!

A Calibration happens when two people do Applied-Kinesthetics together in order to learn the Level of Truth of a statement.   To accomplish this book – David performed millions of Calibrations. 

His book is kind of a status report on how the people of the world are doing.  The prognosis is NOT good.  I think we are in a Bottoming-Out-Process for now.

With the concepts of POWER vs. force – which is a big part of TheBOOK – I am optimistic that we each can safely exit the Matrix & live in happiness & in a healthy state for the rest of our whole natural lives!

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This is the life story of how Doc ascended the Levels-of-Enlightenment all the way from an unhappy, dysfunctional, alcoholic, unhealthy man with 27 diagnosed diseases to being the happy & healthy Doctor of Truth >>>>>>>>>>

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This is 1 of 3 parts.

Oprah really loved Power vs. Force,   Listen to her excitement as she talks with David.  Her understanding & thoroughness in understanding of the concepts is clear.

In the beginning of this interview David tells the story of how – at age 3 – he got “what it was all about”!  To me David is a role model of how we can all be in this world.  He is so happy & loves to laugh at his own jokes.  Even with a serious subject – he has fun! 

He is highly skilled at getting finding & living the Truth as well as identifying & Undoing False Truth.  My favorite David Hawkins statement of his is:

We live in a world of maximum opportunity to perfect your soul!”

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David defines those who use force as people using mechanical or materialistic & logical means to force things & people into working & behaving to their satisfaction.

Use of force is what you use with the old Level-of-Thinking.  You try to control things mechanically.  An example is putting Addicts into prison to solve our problem of being uncomfortable seeing & dealing with them.  It looks like it works, but it doesn’t.  Prison puts them out of sight & out of mindBut, the problem still exists & someone has to pay for the prison & the problem is bigger!

POWER is about understanding that this is a Vibrational-Universe & it operates using Quantum-Fields, Intelligence-of-the-Universe, Guidance & Intuition & going with the Energy-Flow. It is about natural law & functioning in alignment with the Divine-Plan of the Universe & Evolution.  This is the way things really get done.  The way the Universe works is Co-Operation & Love.  That means – all we have to do is to get out of the way & allow things to Fall-Together according to the guidance of Morphic-Fields.

Using the POWER-of-the-Universe is the new way to get things done.  God used it to create the world from nothing except words & she did it in just a few days.

Over here you use the Force of your Enlightened-Being to talk to & Love the Addict to heal their problem & then there is NO problem.  When more of us use our Godlike POWER we can close down the Prison-Industry which will then be unnecessary.