111 The List-of-Calibrations

Thanks to David Hawkins on revealing Truth we now have a new Secret-Tool to study how the world works.  It is called the List-of-Calibrations.  It was compiled from the life-work of David Hawkins.  The Calibrations are the basis of the Map-to-Enlightenment

Click here to go to the CCRT Blog (Consciousness Calibration Research Technique Blog)   Browse around a little bit on the List & the site.

To write this article we will put this List into a spreadsheet so we could to Word-Searches on it & sort it different ways.

We are now asking WE-Workers (World-Enlightenment-Workers) to help us to expand the List & write a program to help people do analytical work on their own Truth finding projectsSubscribers to TheBOOK will have free access to the List-of-Calibrations.

Remember these Calibrations come from the Intuition of a very high-level person.  This is a reliable & accurate Source of TruthThe Thought-System is NOT involved.

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    3. Xxxx Here is another source of entries for the List. Keep categories of items – don’t just mix them in.  This link is fascinating because it includes a great dialogue about Truth & Calibrations:


This is a fascinating Blog.

Write about some of the excellent comments made here.

Spoonboy has lists to add to our List:

    1. Problematic Positionalities and Issues”  If these are already on the list or if they are not well known – do not add them
    2. “Science-Scientists” Again – check to see if these are already in the old list
  1. Xxx The dialogues about the public’s criticisms about absolute truth are interesting & should be talked about here. Talk about the LoCs of a good Calibrator – it is an Art & Science & you & your partner need a high LoC & lots of practice to be accurate
  2. Xxxx There is another list here. Combine the two Lists & correct the spelling, etc.  Make notations where necessary (Like the Mother Teresa Myth vs. the lady) & what happened to George Bush; perhaps being the worst president ever?


  3. xxxx Write more about the using this List as a useful tool. Do NOT use it to separate or beat someone up.  If you wake up in the middle of your life & discover you have a Low-Cal (Low-Calibration) as I did, then use TheBOOK to raise it up as I did.  I was grateful to discover my starting point of 190 Anger & now I am a happy, healthy guy!  In a nice way make people aware of some of the controversy, criticisms, & pitfalls of the use of Muscle-Testing.


Here is Some of the Fun WE Had!

For example – have fun searching for: budda, sex, loc, christian, politic, scientology, alcohol, hawkins, acupuncture, new thought, news, ceo, college, university, & hospital.  See where it takes you.  Just have fun with it!

When you find something interesting in your search – look at what is in the neighborhood of it – for example, Coca Cola 211 is right below the Average level of consciousness of all of us living beings since 23 million years ago at a LoC 212.  I am NOT proud of that at all & intend to do a lot about it.  How about YOU?

It seems the original Source-Documents & doctrine always has a way better LoC than what people do with it.  Here are examples:

  • Tantric Buddhist documents come with an LoC of 515, but in New Age Tantra Seminars with a LoC of 95 – in between Fear & Desire (Greed)! That is way less than Human!  Be careful out there!
  • Harvard Medical School has a very good LoC of 445, but Harvard Law School has a LoC of 189 – again less than Human! And, Harvard is probably the best Law School so the others may be lower.  Harvard Law School’s LoC is the same as Action Movies, boxing, gambling & HollywoodMost US Politicians are lawyers & we all know what polls & most people have to say about US Politicians!
  • History will probably grade George W. Bush as one of the worst president’s ever! This is an example of why we have to be careful using this List.  Note that this LoC is very high because it is about George’s Attitude & NOT about his performance.  Yes, he had a good attitude about doing the will of Corporate-Interests starting un-necessary wars.
George W. Bush His attitude in the presidential office (calibrated 2002/2003), (*1943) 43. US-American president 460

Let’s continue with the Catholic Church itself as an institution in 1900 AD had a LoC of 460.  Very good!  But the Stance of the Catholic Church regarding pedophilia got it degraded to a less than Human LoC of 165 (middle of Anger).  165 is the same LoC as Enron & Victim Mentality.

  • First, the Buddhist reading of phrases for meditation from Vedas has a LoC of 985!
  • Second, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi an Indian Hindu Guru who created Transcendental Meditation had an LoC of 410.
  • Third, Transcendental-Meditation as a practice has a LoC of 295 which is just above bowling. So you can see – the further it gets away from the original Sourced-Material – the weaker the original Vibration gets.

    The Maharishi-Effect is very intriguing & we could use it to further our WE-Project (World-Enlightenment)!  When TM people meditated on reducing crime in Washington, DC, it worked, reduced crime rates were so dramatic; they reported it in the newspapers.

    The material world changes in alignment with what like-minded people focus upon. High emotional energies amplify mental thoughts.

How Do Our Leaders Rank in LoC?

According to our List-of-Calibrations – here is how they do:

Name Description LoC
CEO’s & Board Members of the Fortune 500 Companies
Same as Bus Drivers
Harvard Harvard Law School 180
Colleges & Universities, level of 2007 185
Public Schools LoC of Public Schools in the U.S. 190
Politicians 180
United Nations 180
U.S. Media In the time of the Vietnam War 185
LoC of mankind From 1300 to 1930 185
LoC of mankind About 1930 to August 1987 190
New Age Movement, New Ageism “Naivety is the downside of the spiritual aspirant” 185
Relativism 185
Feministic Politics Emphasizing Sexism 185
Pacifism 185
100 most influential people in the world According to Time Magazine, level of 2004, without George W. Bush, Oprah Winfrey & Arnold Schwarzenegger 189
Wall Street World’s biggest stock exchange 190
Oil Industry In the U.S. 190
Editorial Of the ten biggest newspapers in the U.S., 2004 190
Patient Protection &

Affordable Care Act

Also called Health Financing Care Bill 190
CIA Secret Service of the U.S. in early Iraq War 190
Old Testament Overall level, Genesis at 660, Psalms at 650, Proverbs at 300 190
Ad Industry In the U.S. <200
  • As you can see above that ALL groups of our leaders & teachers calibrate below the Human-Level!
  • The Ad Industry has the highest LoC, so they are the Leaders closest to Human who are leading us down.
  • And we the people – as a whole – still do a little BETTER than all the Leaders!
    We are at least Human!

    Name Description LoC
    LoC of humanity From 1987 to 2003 205

I hear it is lower now…

So, here is the answer to our question:

How Do Our Leaders Rank vs. the people in LoC?

Leaders are ALL LESS than 200 vs. the people at LoC 205!

Leaders lose & SO DO WE!

  • Our Leaders have a lower Level-of-Consciousness than Human
  • Mankind (the so-called followers) – are leading the Leaders by pretty much!
  • It looks like the leaders are bringing us down & keeping us down!
  • That is why we have made SO LITTLE progress in the past 200 thousand years
  • Let’s ALL become the Leaders we would like to be led by…

So now – where do we start?