22 The Matrix We are In

I hope you remember the movie The Matrix?
It was pretty scary &real to me
Do you think it couldhave already happened to 85% of us?
  1. ***Click here to watch this Very-Excellent 6 min video: The Matrix has you – Want out?
  1. Click here to watch Kyle Cease talk for 10 minutes about being addicted to thinking: Addiction
  1. Click here to watch Kyle Cease talk for 8 minutes about being: Born Into A Sick World
  1. **Click here to see: A Conversation about reality – My Dinner with AndreThe full movie is available on YouTube
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  1. Click here to watch Kyle Cease – 46 minutes tells you about: Leaving the Matrix

A-Course-In-Miracles says: this is a required course, only the time you take it is optional…

And TheBOOK tells you exactly how to make your Graceful-Exit from the Matrix in about three years or less.  It can even happen Spontaneously or in the Wink-of-an-Eye! Surprise us!

We are NOT talking about a momentary experience of Enlightenment.  We ARE talking about a permanent rise in your Level-of-Consciousness from which you will experience fulfillment, Peace, Love, & Joy beyond your wildest expectations

And Kyle Cease says:

The only way out is to go through it!