24 Why We Stay Stuck in the Matrix

The worst part about the Matrix is we each use the Matrix (or ego Thought-System) to determine if we are in it or not.  Of course – very few of us are willing to take a look at the system we are in – let alone admit we are stuck in the Matrix.  According to our Calibration-Techniques there is an estimated 85% probability that any one of us is deeply imbedded in the Matrix & is totally oblivious of where they really are!  We will tell you a lot more detail about out calibration techniques later in Chapter 10 & our Thought-Systems in other chapters.

In other words – we have probably been in the Matrix – like forever!  And we are NOT getting any indications or clues that we are already there!  We especially have NO clue of what it is costing us to be there.  Have you ever thought that may be possible? Look at the state of the world today & determine for yourself if it is working.

We humans have been trained by schools to use these Matrixes un-consciously to guide our lives & make important decisions in our lives.  Columns are used for Situations & Rows represent Actions.   This is how our Thought-System works.  It is all automatic & mechanical.  And you don’t even know this is what is always working to lead you through life.  And that’s the problem.

Mathematics & computer programs use a Matrix (or Decision-Table) to solve very complex mathematical problems quickly & correctly.  It is a rectangular array of symbols, numbers or expressions arranged in rows & columns. These matrixes can be linked & nested together with other arrays.

In about 85% of us humans – our Thought-System is our Matrix.  Instead of numbers & mathematical symbols – columns represent various Situations & Conditions & rows represent Automatic-Actions we will take automatically for each of the Situation & Conditions to be taken.  The Thought-System is how people stuck in the Matrix make decisions of what they do every moment!  There is really little or NO thought involved in these Automatic-Actions we take automatically – no matter what…

Many people who believe in Karma & Past-Lives would say most of our Matrix is already filled-in when we are born.  Education, interaction with the world fills in the rest of the Matrix.  Babies have a Level-of-Consciousness when they are born.  As babies grow up we are amazed at how they are each very different.

Whenever something happens we automatically look it up in our own Matrix – when we find the Situation-Coordinates we automatically take the specified Action.  If we don’t find the exact coordinates – we create a new action based on other coordinates (right or wrong) to perform next time & forever for that Situation.

Column & Rows can get very complex & convoluted in this Cartesian-Coordinate-System.  Human Matrixes are also prone to lots of errors.  The tables are rather randomly created.  There is NO Error-Checking or way to monitor what is going on in the unconscious body-mind.  Columns can be mixed up or go missing.  This is where we keep most of our False-Premises.  Just listen to the rationalizations for taking advantage of others, being naughty, corrupt, murdering, or starting a war.

  • The Matrix dulls our ability to think because with the Matrix we don’t really need to think any more. We have learned that all we do have to do is just locate the Row that is like something that happened before & do what the Row dictates what you did last time.   The world’s space program came to a halt because we kept flying the same rocket ships.  Outside the Matrix we are now on course for Mars!
  • The Matrix blunts our ability to Love because we get in ruts of the combinations of Rows & Columns that once felt pretty good but there is NO magic. Later we will ask the question: What is the Infinite-Possibility of Love? We expect you will be dazzled with amazement!
  • The Matrix obscures the Truth with False-Premises in our grid truth is no longer True. We are now in a Post-Truth-Era complete with Alternate-Facts.
  • Being a mechanical decision maker the Matrix robs us of the presence & influence of Miracles, Angels, invisible helping hands & God! That is a huge cost & a tragedy if it is allowed to continue!

Is it really worth it to remain in the Matrix?

Matrixes rarely come up with creative or really useful or even good answers.  Just think about how we have struggled with the big problems of the world: sustainability of our planet, income-inequality, war, physical & mental health, sustainable energy, etc.  Watch see the difference between Elon Musk & the rest of us in our ability to choose a basic world problem & solve it – one at a time.

If you Click here in TheBOOK you will see exactly how Elon Musk comes up with so many solutions to world problems.  

This really amounts to doing the same thing over again while expecting different results.  Einstein calls this & Insanity

Humans only use their old se internal tables to obscure & make things more complicated than they are.  Real-Solutions are NOT complicated & are simple & easy & we will show you how…

Canned Matrix responses are based on the Actions of the past & we use them to dictate actions in the present. This is a crazy system & is NOT providing useful outcomes.

It is NOT Fun in the Matrix.  We are NOT Alive when living in the Matrix!  That is why everyone who really discovers Who and where they are – want to Escape-the-Matrix immediately.

The answers our current System-of-Thinking is providing are mostly wrong answers.  That’s why Einstein talks about our human-stupidity >>>>> 

Often our thinking provides wrong answers to the wrong questions because they are based on past situations.  We don’t know how to ask the right questions because we are stuck in these old outdated loops of thinking up illusions.  Just look at the state of the world & you can see this is happening & is true.  Even Einstein was stuck in the illusion that he had to find another Thought-System after he already proved that the current one did NOT work & his system of utilizing Intuition worked so well!

Because we think & act like we live in a Mechanical-World of Separate-Objects there is little Compassion from those who are in charge.  People in the Matrix – in general – are more destructive than constructive.  That is why our world seems to be in a state of Entropy or general decline.  People stuck in the Matrix can’t make much of a Positive-Contribution because they cannot think beyond the problems caused by the Matrix itself.

We have a detailed explanation of our (Clicking here in TheBOOK would bring you to a detailed explanation of the human Thought-System which creates & maintains the Matrix & which keeps us trapped in it).

The BIG problem in our Thought-System is that it offers NO-WAY to discern True-From-False.  Our Thought-System is based on Premises.  If we don’t know the difference between True & False ones – then how can we have a reliable Thought-System.  The answer is We-Can’t & We-Don’t have one…

Einstein is telling us to replace our Thought-System with a new Real-Time Guidance-System based on our Intuition & Internal-Personal-Guidance-System.  Then we can accomplish three important things.  We can:

  1. Survive

  1. Thrive
  1. Be the Brilliant-Caring-Creator-Beings that we were naturally designed & meant to be!