26 The Age-of-Stupid

Many people are beginning to call this the Age-of-Stupid because the vast majority of us (85%) use the old Thought-System to guide our lives.  People in the lower Levels of awareness tend to make quick judgments based only on what they think they know from the Matrix. The Matrix is pretty Egocentric & usually picks conclusion about what they think is logically good for them – rather than what is in Alignment with Who & What they are & what is in the best interest of all.

We call behavior like this “Stupid” because the Thought-System is NOT capable of giving right answers or optimal guidance.  The repetitive use of our automatic Thought-System is why Einstein says: Insanity is doing things over & over & expecting different results. When we wake up and watch our own behaviors, we can change how we live and raise to the Level-of-Joy in life.

This includes corporate leaders, politicians, media leaders, & education leaders that affect people the most!  Clicking here would take you to the place in TheBOOK where for an article on: How Do Our Leaders Rank in Level-of-Consciousness?

Guess What?  Our Calibrations show the Level-of-Consciousness of our leaders is actually lower than mankind in general.  Could it be that maybe our leaders have been dragging us down & keeping us down?

We want to be clear: the spreading of the fruits of Enlightenment & its enjoyment is the total goal of TheBOOK.  The falling away of that old Stupid-Thought-System is a byproduct of that rise of Enlightenment.

WE JUST HAVE TO STOP BEHAVING STUPIDLY!  Our survival depends on it!

 Click here to watch this 89 min video: The Age of Stupid – full documentary (Official)

I hope you find this video to be as disturbing as I did.  It is the story of our own imminent extinction.  There are good notes about the video on YouTube.  NOTE: I could only find this video with Spanish Subtitles & I expect this one to disappear or covered over soon.  Some rich people must have found this to be too True!  All versions have a high turnover rate.

 Click here to watch this 2 minute trailer of this vital video that no longer be freely accesed on the internet except as a 2 minute trailer: The Age of Stupid – trailer
 Click here to watch this 1 hour video: Stupidity – A Documentary

It seems having a high IQ and/or going to an Ivy League school is NOT enough to keep you out of the Stupid category.

 *** Click here to see this 25 min video: Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW)

It would appear that the pretty nice smiling educated Secretary of State of the most powerful nation in the world has been taking us in a direction that is NOT really in anyone’s best interest, except for her own ambition.  Thank you Julian for uncovering & revealing the Truth of what happens when we don’t come from the Truth.

Muammar Gaddafi was the leader of Libya until the “civilized world” murdered him in 2011.  Yes, the people of the world did that!  He was a great leader whose policy was to share the proceeds from oil with all his people.  He was successful at providing free education for both sexes & free health care.  He started to get free housing going for all, but this was not completed because we killed him & his country.  Under Gaddafi, per capita income in the country rose to more than US $11,000 per year, the fifth-highest in Africa.

Both Muammar & Hillary had ambition.  Muammar was building a paradise.  Hillary carried out the Bush doctrine of destroying countries for financial gain. We all watched it!

The next video shows the difference between how the President of the United States travels vs. the Leader of Libya. When the President of the US drives by the streets there are armed guards and the streets are cleared of people. The video of Gaddafi shows beautiful neighborhoods and how the people really love him & how safe he is!  He was sharing the oil wealth with the people of his country! Watch the video a second time & stop to read the Messages.

  Click here to see this 5 min video: Why they killed Gaddafi

 Click here to watch this 12 min video: Why they killed Muammar Gaddafi (New World Order)

This appeared in 2001 quickly after the 9/11 attacks.  In this video you heard George Bush say that he had a list of 7 countries he was planning on “taking care of” over the next 5 years: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, & Iran.  Well, they were taken care of.  Another objective of the Doctrine was to keep the United States in a “Permanent state of war” because it is good for the economy!

Click here to read Wikipeadia on the Bush-Doctrine

The people that had the Thought-Systems that created the Doctrine were way at the bottom of the Map-to-Enlightenment.  The reasoning was farfetched & they were way below the Human-Level at 200!

So, the first “reason” the leader of Iraq was murdered was for corporate oil profits & the second “reason” was gold.  It seems some groups of people wanted to be able to keep printing money if they needed it & Muammar wanted to switch to the gold standard.

Watch for the guest appearance by Hillary. It was interesting that she seemed to smirk as she talked about the murder of one of the world’s greatest leaders. There was NO acknowledgement of the bombing, the political chaos, & the 30,000 deaths that resulted in Iraq alone (so far). This video is a great demonstration of what humans with a high level of education and a very low Level-of-Consciousness (LoC) & awareness are capable of while under the control of the Matrix.

When I was doing my work with Alcoholic’s-Anonymous they told me: sometimes you have to bottom out before you really get serious about alcoholism.  They were right!  I did have to go pretty close to the bottom until I realized I was risking everything I loved in order to drink.  Only then did I begin to resurface to the happy, healthy, helpful ecstatic life I live today…  

Warning: The leadership of the United States may have to get even worse before WE get to make it better.  In the meantime I apologize for the behavior of the Corporate-Money-Leadership of my country – the United States!

An old Chinese curse says: May you live in interesting times!  The un-interesting times have been the last 220 thousand years while we have been in stuck in the Matrix & didn’t know any betterThe Interesting-Times start to happen when people wake-up and take responsibility for their own Enlightenment consciously, until it becomes second nature and a reflex habit to operate out of the Oneness, loving nature of our Pure Divine Essence.
TheBOOK is dedicated to having a more Enlightened-World-Leadership that leads – rather than follows – us to a new Golden-Age-of-Spiritual-Enlightenment!
WE JUST HAVE TO start operating out of the Oneness, loving nature of our Pure Divine Essences. Our survival depends on it!  Written on the US Election Day November 8th, 2016

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