47 Why the Human-Potential-Movement Failed!

The New-Age, self-Help & Human-Potential-Movement (click for Wiki) that started in the sixties did NOT live up to its Potential.  We will explain.  BTW: we do not capitalize the “s” in “self-help” because we are not talking about the Big & Divine Self – we are talking about the little self-centered people who were only trying to improve their own position in life.

During the sixties or earlier – people’s minds came up with the popular idea that we were only using 5 to 10% of our brain capacity.  The unused & unrealized portion was what our potential was: 90 to 95%.  When we Re-Calibrated the numbers – our real unrealized potential turns out to be more like 98%!

The movement took as its premise the belief that through the development of Human-Potential, humans could improve their Quality-of-Life & collectively improve society by doing lots of seminars.  The seminars we often taught on the old classroom style with a teacher at the front of the room.  This was a very busy & exciting time – even though Enlightenment was NOT mentioned as an important part of our potential.

Ken Wilber talks about the quick rise & fall of this exciting time below in the very beginning of the last video.at the end of the next section.

On our List-of-Calibrations – “New Age” comes up with a LoC of 185It is interesting that the LoC of Mankind from 1400 to 1930 is the same 185 so both groups had an even start.  New Age includes self Help & Personal Development books, leaders & seminars.

Notice: the New Age Thought-System could NOT raise our Level-of-Consciousness because the LoC was NOT higher than all of Mankind at the timeOnly something that is higher in vibration can raise anything that is below it in vibrationBecause it was Self-Help was a Thought-System – all it could do was to it was maintain the status quo… 

We have to look at what we were focusing on to find another BIG reason why nothing much happened.  We were focusing on the potential that was missing – NOT how to realize the Potential.  When you focus on the money that is NOT in your bank account – you get more money NOT in your bank account – a simple & straight-forward demonstration of Law-of-Attraction (LoA) in action…

The LoC of Mankind from 1930 to August 1987 was 190, so somewhere along the way it gained 5 points on a scale of 1,000 (not much).  And we were still short of the Level-of-Human (at 200-250).

When you think of potential – the full scale of Human-Possibilities goes to a LoC of 1,000.  85% of us are still working on getting past the Level-of-Consciousness of 200!  That means most of us (85%) are still working on the lower 2% of our potential!  That means most of us are NOT even scratching the surface of the Potential we are designed & built to live with!

David’s Hawkins comment on New-Age in the List-of-Calibrations is: Naivety is the downside of the spiritual aspirant.  So, he knew The-Truth about the New-Age-Movement.

I am happy to say – we were NOT lied to or cheated.  We were just living in & working inside the matrix where almost everything is a wrong illusion! 

A lot of self-Help books & seminars were about formulas, tips & techniques of making more money, living up to your potential which was NOT defined & being more popular, prettier & being more fit.  This is all Thought-System junk! We were (and still are) trying to improve ourselves and all this appealed to our selfish, greedy & logical minds.  This accumulation low level activity is exactly why we have the BIG-Problems today.

All this also explains why we haven’t had any new Enlightened-People in the last couple of thousand years.  I seems most of us have been stuck in the matrix.  Now it is time to Transcend & put away our toys & shiny objects & for each of us to Evolve to take responsibility to achieve the fullness of Who We Are & take Humanity up to the next higher Level.  There is MUCH more to Life than we even can even imagine right now… 

Did you Know there are Infinite-Possibilities in the Human-Potential department? 

What do you think of the failure of the Human-Potential-Movement?  Well, I will tell you I was very disappointed in my life!  Three major times in my life – I was mis-lead; mis-informed; disappointed; & swindled by my culture.  I was taught that if I “Got with the program” I would be rewarded with a lifetime of happiness.  The Programed-Life of the Matrix was doomed to failure from the beginning (because the program was the matrix):

What the matrix Made What Guidance Created!
1 ~ I listened to my elders who taught me to live the classic matrix-Life. This consisted of me going to college & getting good grades; getting a respectable 9 to 5 job; getting a girl pregnant & marrying her; I got a nice house in the suburbs with new cars; I had 2.3 children; & even taught Sunday school.  I was told that if I did all that – I would live a happy fulfilled life.

Well – the happiness & fulfillment didn’t happen from the matrix! To me it was just role playing. The traditional formula didn’t work for me any better than it did for anyone else I knew.

   So I abandoned & wanted to quit the life in the matrix program. I went inward…
2 ~ As I got older I had developed 12 diseases (see my Cancer Story).  I was again mis-informed by my culture about the causes & alleged cures of all my diseases.  It could have ended badly if I hadn’t started to follow my own inner Guidance.


   The evidence that the Guidance I was getting was True & good. The evidence was that all 12 diseases & more just fell away.  I simply followed the instructions from the Universe!  It was in this chapter of my life that I broke the tradition of dysfunction & suffering in my family.
3 ~ Next, I got the Dream-Job!  I became the Senior Director of a large insurance company to create a software package to study the health care provided by doctors & hospitals.

I spent 10 years perfecting the software system. The system worked wonderfully!  We found blatant & amazing examples of people harming each other by practicing what they were practicing (as in Medical-Practice).

It was difficult to realize & see the force of the matrix.

  I was paid very well for what I did, but it was NOT enough I chose to stop participating in the matrix.

It seems that Insurance Commissioners & politicians were only interested in giving doctors & hospitals a blank check for whatever they did – even if the killed very nice people!

Now I AM writing a book on how everyone can experience Absolute-Health & survive the 21st Century & love it!

  I AM so happy we are doing that!


It was really my own Inner-Guidance that got me all the happiness & fulfillment I experience today.  NOT the matrix.

  I realize I AM a POWERful Force for Good in the Universe.  I discovered & followed my own Self-Enlightenment Program that had already been specifically designed for me & was just waiting for me to access it.