52 Look What Elon Musk IS Doing & Hear Him Explain How He Does It!


A: Well – about 85% of us are stuck in or are maybe working on the first 2% of our potential!  I think we could say – we have room for improvement.

Click here to watch this 23 minute video: Elon Musk interview at TED  </>

Please listen carefully to this video.  Pay special attention at around 20 minutes into the video.  We will return to this part in the next article:

I would say Elon Musk is an example of someone who seems to have mastered Spontaneous-Right-Action & is exceeding what we would normally expect a single human’s potential to be.  He is single-handedly solving some of the world’s worst BIGest problems.  Then he adds a plan-B just for fun: Inter-planetary Space Travel – just in case we don’t Survive!

He is certainly demonstrates what we can do when we are Connected-to-SourceHe has a clear vision & a plan for the world he is part of & most importantly, he is manifesting his plans.  Let’s be inspired by him & join him in Saving-The-World!</>

  1. He is well on his way by removing our dependency on fossil-fuels. He is creating Sustainable-Energy production to be a reality by making Solar-Power a financially appealing proposition.  It is interesting that Nickolas Tesla promised his technology would produce free energy, but he could not make it work – now Elon is giving it to us.

Just think: we might not have to have Oil-Wars or Oil-Spills anymore.

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  1. Elon’s nifty, beautiful, self-driving, fun & speedy Tesla electric-car will reduce the increase in Global-Warming because there are no carbon emissions! Next he will work on electric airplanes. This will greatly help our Environment.
  1. Elon is so busy having fun solving the major world’s problems – he has figured out he doesn’t have the time to do them all so he has decided to give away the patents & other technology to revolutionsize the whole Transportation-System of the world with the Hyperloop (see the next video).

Click here to see this 4 min video: 700 mph in a tube: The Hyperloop experiencel!

Click here to see this 9 min video: Hyperloop – 1000km/hr Ground Travel!

  1. Before Elon arrived on the scene – the world’s Space Program was riddled with the Matrix-Thinking. It was uninspiring & pretty dead.  Now we all plan on getting a ticket to an adventure vacation on Mars.

    As he said in this video – he is making Space-Ships that are 75% to 100% more efficient than NASA could ever do.  His vision is to construct a colony on Mars which will reduce the possibility of Human-Extinction – just in case we don’t survive our Thought-System.  He must see a Clear-and-Present-Danger too few other people realize.  We had better just get rid of our Thought-System before we move to Mars or it will follow us.

    He is making inter-planetary travel available & he is having fun doing it!  You just saw his re-usable rocket go up & then come down & land itself in the video…

  1. He is already talking about working on Artificial-Intelligence. He is very worried that AI in the wrong hands could lead us toward a Dystopia which is where the Matrix will take us rather than to a Utopia which is where TheBOOK & the Universe wants to take us.  We talk about these two options in the last part of TheBook.We ALL have Human-Potential.  So I would say we all have access to the Human-Potential that Elon demonstrates.  I suggest we all dig-in & find out how WE each are capable of contributing to the Evolution-of-Enlightenment!

Let’s take a closer look at a transcript of a two minute section of the video in detail & learn what Elon is really doing that most other people are NOT aware that they can do…

How Does Elon Do It All?

Let’s talk about a part of the video that is just a little more than two minutes long.  We could call this video Elon vs. the Matrix.  Elon demonstrates & describes how he uses his Creative-Power & Guidance-System to revolutionize many of the Big-Problems the world is facing now!

The interviewer proposes, or parrots what he probably what he & most of us learned in school.  Notice that what he says is the opposite of what Elon said.  What the interviewer says explains exactly why & how the old Thought-System-Matrix does NOT work & never has worked & never can create a new, positive possibility.  And this is one of the best interviewers the media of the Matrix has.  Gosh, and we listened as if he had something useful to say.  All he was doing is perpetuating the Matrix.

Notice that when the interviewer is talking how we listen hypnotically, because we have heard it so many times.  Actually it is wrong & boring!  We learn nothing new or alive.

This is an important video.  Please start the video & go to 18:10 minutes in.  Here the interviewer asked How have you done this?  How has one person been able to innovate in this way?  Here is the link to the video again:

Click here to watch this 23 minute video: Elon Musk interview at TED 

Elon paused for a while & looked bewildered:  I don’t know – I don’t have a good answer.  Well, I work a lot…  This was an answer Elon thought the interviewer would like.

Then he thought again & paused for a moment & looked around as if searching for answers while making a prayer-gesture, looked skyward as if he was probably listening for an answer.  This is Elon’s Transformative-Instant.  Do Instant-Replay & watch it happen again.  You can do what he did – over & over.  Each time you practice going to Source for your answers, your Enlightenment gets bumped up & you get even better at accessing Source.

Before Elon can answer – the interviewer interrupts with his own wrong theory.  He is obviously well educated & articulate.  He parrots the answer he learned in school & from living in the Matrix..  He recites the answer he learned very well & authoritatively.  So here is what the educated interviewer has to say (18:40): I have a theory!  My theory is that YOU have an ability to think at a system level of design & you pull together Design, Technology & Business – DTB – into one package & synthesize it like no other people can AND here is the critical thing – you feel so damn confident in that clipped together package that take crazy risks- you bet your fortune on it. 

And you have done it multiple times.  Almost no one can do that. Can we have some of that Secret-Sauce to put into our education system & can someone learn from you?  It is truly amazing what you have done.

The interviewer’s theory perfectly summarizes how & why the old Matrix-Thought-System does NOT work!  That all you have to do is look at & package all the old ways of doing things that don’t work very well in a way that NO one else can do   It is insane to think you can gather all the old ideas on a subject (including the False-Premises) – into a pretty package & then expect to get anything NEW or different to come from it.

The interviewer has NO clue that his standard prescription for how to solve problems guarantees the Status-quo – as it has for 220 thousand years!

It looks like Elon got some help from the Universe.  NOW he has the Perfect-Answer.  Remember a moment ago he could NOT tell you how he does what he does.  He will now tell us the faultless recipe for the requested Secret-Sauce that can be used in all areas of life to manifest New-Possibilities that never existed before.  He says (19:30):

I think there is a good framework for thinking – it’s called Physics – you know – kind of First-Principles-Reasoning.  What I mean by that is – boil things down to their Fundamental-Truths & reason up from there & Reason-By-Analogy.  Through most of our life we get through life by reason & analogy which means kind of copying what other people do with Slight-Variations – you kind of have to do that to get through the day, but you want to do something NEW you have to have to apply the physics approach.  Physics is how to figure out how to do things that are Counter-Intuitive (like use your Intuition) like Quantum-Mechanics.  It is really Counter-Intuitive.

The interviewer listens patiently to The-Answer to why Elon can Achieve-Miracles, but most likely doesn’t get it.  He doesn’t have any questions & there is NO excitement about hearing the real answer to his question.

Elon is the one who consciously & purposely tuned into the Source-of-Creation & is bringing forth the answers & working solutions.  It works for him & it is a joy to watch him have his Transformative-Moment. He looked dead & dumb & then literally lit up & even looked & was Brilliant, Certain, & Joyful!    Let’s stay with his response!

  • With a little help from his friend: The-Universe – Elon could clearly explain that to come up with something new & great two things must be present: First you must first start with the Fundamental-Truths & True-PremisesThe Faculty-of-Truth or the ability to distinguish the Truth from Falsity & make a choice is NOT available in the Thought-System! 
  • Second – Elon talked about using your intuition to Guide yourself through Slight-Variations even if it is Counter-Intuitive & NOT-Logical – just like Quantum-Mechanics is NOT. He just summarized how Evolution works!

Elon continues (20:20): Also pay attention to Negative-Feedback & solicit it – particularly from friends.  This sounds like simple advice, but hardly anybody does that & it is incredibly helpful. 

Yes we can give feedback to our friends who could benefit from finding out they are stuck in the Matrix & there is something WONDERFUL they can replace it with!  It is just what we have been talking about in TheBOOK all this time…

Along with Intuition comes a certain Knowing which is the confidence & certainty that is visable after Elon has his moment.

Well – you just saw Elon’s Space-Ship take off & land.  Now let’s take a drive in Elon’s shiny new car on the Autobahn:  Fasten your seatbelts!

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