93 The Old vs New Worldview

Comparing the Two Levels of Guidance

And here is another quote:

“I think the most important question facing humanity is,
 ‘Is the universe a friendly place?’ 
This is the first and most basic question all people must answer for themselves.”
~ Albert Einstein

Chart of the Old vs. New Worldview

Here for the first time the Other-Level-of-Thinking (that Einstein alluded to in his quotes (which is NOT thinking &) is explained, detailed & Charted here!

Basically the Left-Column is Inhuman, Mechanical & based on separation.  This is the old Level-of-Thinking

The Right-Column is Spiritual Heart-Centered & about Love.  This is the new Higher-Level-of-Guidance.

The Green part at the top is about ways to describe the two Levels-of-Guidance & below that is the Flesh-Colored part that covers the details of the difference in ideas from the two Levels

Our purpose here is to first move ourselves from left to right column.  Check it out.  I think you will really like life more on the right side.  Once you have done that & you will be surprised by how people around you thrive – just because of your presence!

Suggestion: Choose to really Live your life from the Right-Column!

A Physical & Visible World

Old Worldview

Unseen Vibrational World

New Worldview

B Einstein’s old Level-of-Thinking (Creates the BIG Problems)   The Intelligence of the Universe


Intuition from Source (Heart)

C Every Thing is Separate Objects Undivided Wholeness is the new Worldview
D Five Physical Senses Many senses or Faculties-of-Knowing ~including the Sixth-Sense & Intuition
E Force (Hawkins)


POWER of Creation: Hawkins


F Left Brain

Left Column

Right Brain

Right Column

G ACIM: Wrong-mindedness

Belief cause is outside of you

ACIM: Right-Mindedness

The Mind is Causative

H Newtonian Materialistic Reduction Way Everything Works on Quantum Level
I Horizontal World

All that can be seen

Unseen Vertical World

(from Hell to Heaven)

J Newtonian Manifest Mechanical World Quantum-Theory & Relativity

Life is one Quantum-Process

Life works like Subatomic-World

1 The lower Levels-of-Consciousness are over here: shame; guilt; apathy; grief; fear; desire; anger; & pride All the fun higher Levels-of-Consciousness are over here: Reason; Love; Joy; Peace & Enlightenment. You can find these here too:

Compassion, Creativity, Value, Happiness, Health; & Fulfillment

       The Physical is linked by            >Meaning<          with the Non-Physical           .
2 A Belief is just a thought that is repeated often. Beliefs are usually Not tested with evidence. Cultural-Beliefs are passed down, taught & learned.  They rule every Action Our Actions are guided by the Universe through Intuition.


3 There is NO-Way to discern Truth from Falsehood because Truth is Relative in our Thinking-System. Therefore many Beliefs are based on False-Premises. Truth can be tested, evidenced, felt & Known. There is such a thing as Truth! There is also Perfection & Love – they are on the Map-to-Enlightenment

We get there by helping others get there!

4 Our Thought-System uses Beliefs to narrow down our choices to a couple options to simplify our lives The Universe is Infinite-Potential! We have the Freedom to follow our Guidance to the next Best-Feeling Action. That is how we create Miracles & Evolve as a species into a new one!
5 force always creates counterforce. It is incomplete. Its effect is to polarize rather than unify. Polarization always implies conflict; its cost is always high. Because force incites polarization, it inevitably produces a win/lose dichotomy; & because somebody always loses.

force has to work to conquer a problem. It has to be fed & consumes lots of energy to constantly to fight its Wars. It has an insatiable appetite for problems.

   POWER uses ideas to create. Ideas then become things! We tap into the same POWER that Creates Universes. POWER never moves against anything. POWER is total & complete by itself & requires nothing from outside. It makes no demands; it has no needs. POWER unifies & brings parts together to work together for the whole – like cells in a body.

POWER is still. It just IS – like Love & Gravity!  It is a standing Field that doesn’t move. Gravity & Love don’t move against anything. The POWER of Love & gravity moves all objects within a Field, but the gravity & Love themselves does NOT move.

6 force takes away life & energy. It is associated with judgment & separation. It makes us feel poorly about ourselves & enemies are created. POWER energizes & gives. It supplies & supports. POWER gives life & energy. POWER is associated with compassion & makes us feel positive about ourselves.
7 force must always be justified & rationalized because it is Not based on evidence    POWER is associated with that which supports the Significance of Life itself! POWER appeals to what uplifts, dignifies, and ennobles.

POWER requires no justification!

8 We live in a purely Physical World that is all mechanical. You & your dog are all just well-oiled machines… Our consciousness lives in a non-Physical vibrational world. It is Mystical, Mysterious, & Miraculous!
9 Everything & everyone is a separate object (you are one of the objects that can be bought & sold). I benefit by getting mine before you do because there is NOT enough. We are NOT separate. We are All Already Connected (Non-Locality). I am YOU! I AM the Environment! I benefit by helping you & the Environment!
10 It is Brutally Lonely here. Separated people often get cranky & kill each other… Intimacy is impossible! Love & Intimacy are natural & wonderful over here. What are the Infinite-Possibilities of Relationship?
11 In the physical World things fall apart & men have to fix them… In the Non-Physical subatomic & visible world all things Fall-Together according to Morphic Fields.
12 7 billion people have NOT built a world where everyone is taken care of with NO one left out 70 Billion Cells do co-operate to build & maintain a Perfect Human Body!  It is self-sustaining & self-organizing according to invisible Fields.
13 Fixing the body is done  with primitive tools: sharp knives, Poisons (Chemo), Potions of chemicals we don’t know much about, & radiation Healing occurs with Doing Our Work, Love, Miracles (Change of Perception), Gratitude
14 It is against the Law to say you can Cure anything or anybody We often create permanent Cures for Dis-Eases!
15 All alone we use hard work & Force to get things done We go with the flow, use NetWorking, & use the POWER of the Universe to have things appear. Our POWER comes from our connection!
16 Oriented to Left Brain (logical, linear thinking) Oriented to Right Brain Thinking (creative, big picture, self-expressive)
17 You are imperfect, flawed, damaged, unhealthy, probably being born a flawed sinner You are a Perfect-Being!  Everything is working out for you whether you realize it or NOT!
18 You spend all your time & effort fixing things including your health


You have things Fall-Together.  Expect Miracles & Spontaneous Healings!  Healthy/Happy, Healthy/Happy & then you croak
19 Hard work & hard thinking with incremental or no improvement or the creation of new bigger problems Playful & Totally Joyous, thoughtless process of Creating what is right. Expect Cooperation & an Explosion of Capability.
20 Being limited, stunted, blunted with little or no real self-expression


Full creative expression of the Divine Human Being that you are!
21 Having to Understand & have an explanation of everything


Not really wanting to be able to understand much & being Amazed & Delighted at how things always work out


22 Competitiveness, self-centeredness, ego driven, trying to get the upper hand to succeed, & looking good Oriented to help others.  This is the beginning of a New-Era-of-Cooperation!
23 We can & do blame External Causes like Evil, Weather, God, & the Economy, or anyone else like our beloved spouse, Karma, but of course NOT our own Thought-Systems Spiritual Awareness & Guidance of the intelligence of an all-knowing Universe.  It is about being part of & being responsible for you & everyone & everything on the planet.
24 We are guided by untested Incoherent, Fractured, Faulty, & False-Premises. In other words: Tradition & Cultural Beliefs Empirical Evidence, Objective Information, & True Premises & choices that is coherent & beneficial to all!
25 A 3-D World


A Multi-Dimensional & Fully Dimensional World complete with Infinite-Possibilities!
26 Winners & Losers Only always Win/Win!
27 Spectator-Reality – all a person can do is report on external forces acting on him Co-Creative & Participatory-Reality with the POWER of the Universe
28 Context of Survival-of-the-Fittest & competition. Context of Love, Connection & Co-operation
29 You get your guidance from an Angel sitting on one shoulder & a Devil on the other – this is Duality giving you their sales pitch. Your life has good & bad outcomes depending on which side you listen to You take your Guidance from the Intelligence-of-the-Universe. Outcomes are Amazing!

We have the Means to create Utopia!

30 Everything is good or bad, right or wrong & has a Cause NO Cause over here. Everything just IS. We LOVE what IS; stop resisting & go with the flow to Follow-Our-Own-Bliss!
31 It’s all Trial & Error, & Effects. The Mind can always find a Cause for an Effect- especially when it does NOT exist! Spontaneous-Right-Action (SRA)

Doing it Right the First Time – Perfection Only Effects really exist

32 Low-Level-Attractor-Fields High-Level-Attractor-Fields
33 When a Photon acts like a Particle When a Photon acts like a Wave
34 There is NO Ultimate-Truth The Ultimate-Truth is Love & is the only thing that is real
35 Indifference because everything is a separate object Compassion is rampant because we are all ONE
36 Living from Ego & Ethnocentric values Living from World-Centric & Cosmo-Centric values
37 Fear is rampant over on this side because it is really False Evidence Appearing Real.  On this side there is only: Love, Joy & Peace. That’s ALL there is & that is very nice!
38 People act & believe in Evil & so it exists & becomes real over here. T In Truth there is NO source of Evil.

Only Love, Joy & Peace

39 Judgment is rampant here. Our Primitive Reptilian Brain thinks we need to quickly separate everything into Safe & Unsafe. If unsafe we either Fight or Run (Flight). There is NO time to check premises. It is life or death.  Discernment to Know the Truth from Universal-Intelligence or Source. It is great to know where you are on the Map-to-Enlightenment
40 Religious – dogma Spiritual – experience
41 In the body sickness, illness, & dis-ease exist & can kill you (ACIM) Perfect Happiness & Absolute-Health is my body’s natural state (ACIM).